Burger Landscapes

specializing in native plant landscapes, xeriscaping, and rain gardens

   Jan 06

About Us

David has been in the landscaping and maintenance line of work for 15 years. I enjoy this kind of work and work hard at making my clients yard look beautiful when finished. I take pride in the work that my company does, we will treat your yard as if it was our own.

Burger Landscapes & Water Gardens specializes in rainwater harvesting, rain gardens and much more.

Burger Landscapes & Water Management is always looking for Sustainable Solutions to help make our planet a better place to live. We have found two solutions so far to help with that.

We have teamed up with Aquascape’s Inc. to offer our customers with rainwater harvesting solutions. In this way we can help our clients conserve water and help stop flooding, erosion, and contaminating our rivers / oceans and beaches. Yes even here in the Midwest eventually the water that runs off our roads, lawns, etc. will reach the ocean and collect contaminates and other “garbage” along the way.

Our second sustainable solution is LED lighting for the landscape. LED lighting has been around for some time and finally has made its way into the landscaping sector. We can now more efficiently light your outdoors and landscape with brighter light and less costly electric . Saving you money and electricity.

Another way Burger Landscapes is going to help our clients save money in the long run. We are teaming up with Jakob to install their stainless roping/ web net systems for “green facading“. during the summer months Green Facading can help keep your house cooler by blocking the sun from heating up the walls of your house. Typically the west and south-facing walls would be covered. Check out our website for more information on this new system.

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