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   Nov 21

Background and History of Orchids

The orchid family is not only the largest but also one of the most diverse plant flowering families in the world. The orchid was one of the first plants to evolve on earth, it was around in the time of the dinosaur, over 120 million years ago. Given the length of time they have been […]

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   Nov 20

Perfect Tips To Keep Your Houseplants Alive

It is not too tough to keep a houseplant alive if you take a little care of the plant.Making a plant thrive is easy if you follow these simple tips ; The worst enemy of any houseplant is too much water. You must apply the Moss’ trick: Dip a finger into the soil up to the first […]

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   Nov 13

Orchid Care – Positioning, Temperature & Watering

Growing a breathtakingly beautiful orchid can be a very rewarding experience as well as a challenging one. There are many enthusiasts out there trying to grow the perfect orchid, however, many an enthusiast has been let frustrated in trying to achieve such an objective. If you haven’t already bought your orchid, the best place to […]

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   Aug 12

Orchid Care – Feed, Humidity & Re-potting

The world of orchids is a challenging one, but it is this challenge which captures the imagination of many growers. You have to keep an eye out for bugs when caring for your orchids but perhaps the biggest one is the one you may catch yourself, the orchid bug, you will be an enthusiast for […]

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   Jul 30

Orchid Plant Basics

Orchids are a thing of beauty, one of the most impressive flowers you can have at home is an orchid. Because Orchids come from a very large family there is a huge variation in the different types of Orchids available on the market. Orchids are not the most difficult flowers to take care of, but […]

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   Jul 29

Growing Lovely Palms in Home Gardens

Past few years home gardeners have shown great interest in growing palms in home gardens. Nowadays exotic palm species and varieties are more readily available. Gardeners are more inclined to grow the most reliable palms for landscape use. The best time to plant palms is May through September.The soil is warmest this time of year, […]

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