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   Nov 27

Perfect Low Maintenance Landscape Designing Tips

Many of the home gardens have  typical ”hardscapes,” combinations of walls, pavers, pergolas and water features. One thing most of them have in common is being over-planted. Some of the home gardens look lie ”plant collections,” with one each of many different species and some other have mass-plantings. There could always be a better way to fill landscape beds with color without […]

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   Nov 23

Perfect Bird Feeding Tips

While feeding birds during wintertime you must keep on providing food and water during nesting season. Natural food sources may not be readily available during spring season, and time spent on the nest or tending to new hatchlings leaves fewer hours for birds to hunt food. Cold can put a damper on spring blossoms which […]

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   Nov 20

Perfect Tips To Keep Your Houseplants Alive

It is not too tough to keep a houseplant alive if you take a little care of the plant.Making a plant thrive is easy if you follow these simple tips ; The worst enemy of any houseplant is too much water. You must apply the Moss’ trick: Dip a finger into the soil up to the first […]

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   Nov 18

6 Perfect April Gardening Tips

April is here and the sun is shining, it’s time to play catch-up. That means prepping soil, planting summer color and vegetables and revitalizing lawns.Here are few very important gardening tips for specified gardening tasks that are more pertinent for this spring gardening season. Soil in Your Garden Needs Refreshing Gardening in the same location over […]

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   Aug 11

Types of Garden Lighting Systems

There are different types of artificial lights that will support plants indoors, from ordinary bulbs and tubes to super-efficient LED lights. Most are available in multiple color spectrums. Fluorescent tubes put out three to four times the light of incandescent bulbs for the same energy. Their color frequencies run from reds to blues, so you […]

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   Aug 10

Perfect Garden Watering Tips

Most of the garden plants have an incredible ability to keep themselves cool. But it is extremely important to know how much water does the garden need. Basically, moisture from the soil is taken in through the plant’s roots and pushed out through its leaves, creating an ongoing cooling effect (transpiration). So long as there […]

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   Aug 03

Perennials in containers require winter protection

Perennials in containers make a great gardening combination, but you need to take a little extra care otherwise they will quickly go to pot if overlooked in the winter. Plant roots are vulnerable to freezing in containers, where the soil hardens more than it would in the ground. Stems and branches — particularly those on […]

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