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   Nov 21

Burger Landscapes Earns Certified Professional Title

Chillicothe, Illinois – Chillicothe – based Burger Landscapes & Water Management, has recently completed the application process and has been awarded the distinction of Certified RainXchange™ Professional (CRP) by Aquascape, Inc. This new rainwater harvesting professional certification program was newly implemented in June, 2009. Certified RainXchange™ Professionals are the most qualified and informed RainXchange™ rainwater […]

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   Aug 12

Concrete Paver Patios / Walkways / Parking Lots

“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” ~ Albert Einstein Einstein’s philosophy could be adopted for drinking water, rain and stormwater runoff. North Americans are fortunate to have an almost unlimited amount of drinking water available. However, in recent years, our groundwater […]

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   Aug 09

Not a drop to waste…

The advantages of harvesting rainwater are obvious — these systems are easy to install, don’t cost a lot and require minimum scientific expertise. Neither do they demand much maintenance after installation. According to him, there are no disadvantages whatsoever to the system. “It does have some initial cost, but this is barely anything compared to […]

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   Aug 08

Experts recommend the inclusion of rainwater-collection systems in cities

Plain, sloping roofs can collect up to 50% more rainwater than flat roofs with gravel. This water is also of higher quality. These are the conclusions of a study conducted by researchers from Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB, Spain) which suggests the incorporation of systems to collect rainwater in urban planning. The water collected can […]

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   Aug 04


Record droughts have parched the earth’s crust from Somalia to Texas this year. The effects on the world’s drinking-water supply have been enormous. The level of China’s Yangtze River, the third largest in the world, sank so low this spring that about 400,000 people along its shores were stuck without a local drinking-water source until […]

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